Sunday 29 September 2013

Pattern Info - Jaali Crocheted Shawl Variations

‘Jaali’ is Hindi for ‘Mesh’. The word has various applications including architecture, textiles, utensils etc. If you are not already aware, I am completely multicractual. I always try and learn new techniques and ways to express my creativity and imagination. Most of my designs ideas come randomly to me, while working on something completely unrelated. In this case however I wanted to create a crocheted version of my first knitted shawl design. The motif and idea of the body pattern are very close to my original knitted version. Take a look below for more details.

Here are my original triangle kerchief samples for the design.

Full scale triangular versions by Pixie56.

Merripurdy also made the triangular version but she improvised on the motif portion at the edge. She made it so that each motif in the second repeat falls between two motifs from the first repeat.

Trapezoidal versions from Madinina

By Bizyhands

& By Amerz

Full square version from LinteeBean

Pattern Details
Standard American Terms Used
Pattern has been tested and tech-edited

Published: June 2011
Suggested Yarns: The pattern can be used for any size yarn starting from fingering up to worsted. The size of the finished shawl/ shawlette will depend on no. of repeats made and size of yarn used
Needles: Use hook/s that give you desired drape and fabric
Gauge: Irrelevant
Styles Available: Shawlette(Triangle), Shawl(Triangle, Trapezoid, Full Square)
Pattern PDF: The pattern pdf has 5 pages including instructions, chart and schematics. It also contains pictures of each shawl shape worked in various yarn and needle sizes. For more information or questions please send me a message on ravelry or an email (given in pattern pdf).

Pattern Cost: $ 7.00 US
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Pattern Info Snapshot

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