Friday 13 December 2013

A New Test - Part 2

Since my last post, I have rather enjoyed completing my test knit. I completed it on Dec 1 while knitting a few rows everyday since I began. It is difficult to get knitting time during weekdays whence juggling between full time work, taking care of son after school and then maintaining the house and cooking dinner for the night and lunch for next day for everyone. I admit I also skip my lunches most of the time. Anyways, I do try to get in a few minutes of knitting or crochet while watching TV most nights. 

So I did do two gauge swatches for this project but none of them gave me the exact gauge as in pattern. (See previous post for details) Gauge 2 was the closest with stitch gauge matching exactly and row gauge 2 rows short. i.e. pattern required 28rows per 4 inches but I got 26. This is generally the case with me. I do try to match stitch gauge exactly and then follow the directions for inches instead of exact number of rows in the pattern. Of course for me to be able to do that, the pattern needs to have the required inches information. And this one did. However, there was a confusion due to two different stitch gauges mentioned in the testing call and the actual patterns. After getting clarity on this, I would say, the rest of the knitting went on smoothly. Any errors/ confusions/ issues that I found, were already addressed or pointed out by other testers. Here are a few pictures of the project in progress.

Here I have completed knitting the back neck.

Here I have done the yoke and all front increases but I was too quick… 

I had made a mistake and misinterpreted the directions. Some of the front increases were to be done after sleeve separation, so I had to frog back to before sleeve separation and then redo this bit. This looked much better and exactly as per given directions.

Here I have completed the body and am on to knitting the sleeves.

I rather like that the front bands are completed with the body. Just wished there was some kind of closure added to the directions. Hoping that the final published pattern would have it.

Stay tuned for final project completion and modeled pics in the coming weeks.

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