Monday 26 January 2015

Review: 50mm 1.8g lens for DSLR

Last year I received a long desired gift... a DSLR. Since then I have been getting to know all its features and capabilities. I took some awesome pictures after the huge winter storm of last year. Here are a few.

These were all done with my kit lens 18-55mm VR. It is a great lens with excellent sharp results. However, when doing portraits, I was not getting that dreamy bokeh effect that I loved in some great portraits I have seen on the web. So it was time to add a prime lens to the arsenal. So this year, I got the Nikon 50mm 1.8g lens as a gift and was immediately thrilled with the resulting photographs. It was just what I wanted. Although I would need to move closer and farther to get the right focus and frame.

Here is a picture I took when submitting my design to two years ago. This uses the kit lens.

Here is one I took for the self-published version of the pattern with the 50mm lens.

The difference is quite evident. I love my new lens.

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