Monday 11 February 2008

Best Weekend Ever !!!

I just had the Best Weekend Ever !!! I had gone for the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, and I had such a blast !!!

This was my first time attending a fiber festival ever and I was so happy and excited. I loved being there.

I had the pleasure of meeting two ladies who I admire most and am always inspired by... Annie Modesitt and Robyn Chachula.

Annie Modesitt

Robyn Chachula

I even took Annie's class on the cocoon shrug... Hurray !!!

I was fascinated by looking at this lady spinning.... what a gorgeous spinning wheel. She told me it was from MajaCraft.

I helped the ladies at the "Warm Up America" room and met some very nice people there.

Made myself a yarn necklace with others in the same room...

Ofcourse I got goodies for me... (what were you thinking?)
Yarn you will see as projects very soon... here are some of the other things I acquired over this weekend.

I got myself a new look as well...

Adopted BOZO.... she is such a darling !!! :) I am going to knit her so many clothes and accessories from my stash...

And that's not all I finished the double sided cap for DH and also made myself a pair of fingerless gloves on the way back...

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

I am calling these beauties "Garnet"

And this is what I did just before publishing this post...

Ripped off the ugly to reveal the beauty.... I present to you.... Desert Rose - The New Avatar.


  1. Woow! You got a lot of stuff done this weekend :) Wonderful fiber and FOs!

  2. Thanks a lot :) I was pretty excited for my first fiber festival. :)