Sunday 24 February 2008

How was your week?

Mine was a bit eventful :)

I took a week off from work just to give some time to myself. I was supposed to have good time being at home, knitting, crocheting, finishing "Designer for DH" and maybe more stuff for myself. But there were other plans for me :) there always are... (I called my Ma the other day and told her what has been happening during the week... and she said, that's why you should never make a plan for yourself)...

Huh !!! so what happened?
I was sick, all week... I had high fever, I was cold and I stayed at home. DH took very good care of me and I even managed to finish a few things. I was thinking of sleeping early and going to work tomorrow while making our lunch... and what happened? I spilt boiling oil all over my left hand. Its burnt. I was throwing the burnt hot oil in the sink and it just popped out.... it spilt all over my left hand, my clothes (Thank God I was wearing thick cotton garments) and I also managed to spill some on dear DH... It was not that bad on him thankfully.

But all is better now. DH got gauge and some medicated bandages and we put Neosporin and all is fine. Although my hand still hurts... his is better. I am sure it still hurts as well.

In any case, on Sunday night, I am here, writing this post, and am feeling almost good enough to go to work tomorrow... I will be good and have fun with work and everything else.

So here is what I finished:
  • Teal Prepster (Ravelry Link. Although it did not come out the right size. I am going to give it to Sister in law in India.

I love this picture of the Bolero in snow. (Got the idea from YarnHarlot)

I just love how this one has turned out. I am thinking of making another one for my sister.

  • And then I had some more Cascade 220 Left over from the Prepster and I thought I need something more... So I opened my Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Crochet and picked a stitch pattern and started on with this new Bolero.

Life is Good !

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