Saturday 3 May 2008

Some knitting buddies meet !!!

As you know I have been frantically working on completing some designs for a new Website (obviously I keep saying that since its a secret. I will be sure to reveal it as soon as I can.) Meanwhile, there have been lotsa things happening in the past few weeks which I have not been able to post about. One of these is spending some quality knitting time with new knitting buddy Rima's (from yarnydays) house.

Last week I spent Tuesday evening at Rima's place knitting and eating dinner. We were also joined by Bitsy(in front) and Katrice(behind) and all of us had a lot of fun.

First thing that I noticed when I entered her house and couldn't help but gasp was the huge Bookshelf she had in her living room.

I felt so envious especially since I have not been able to buy one yet and meanwhile my books rest in cartons.

Both of us started a crochet project together (our own little CAL): Crochet Crop Cardigan by Monica Brown. Rima is showing her's off in the picture above. Here is how far I have gotten till date. (I will keep you posted on further progress.) Ravel it here.

Both of us feel that the pattern could have been written for a better fit back. It kinda sticks out a bit. Details to follow in subsequent posts.

At one of our earlier meetups Rima mentioned how much she liked the new design (Colorplay) hat that I was knitting. So I made one in her size and brought it with me for her. She was completely thrilled. Rima thanks for modelling it for my camera :)

This is one of my new designs and the pattern will be available soon on a new Website.

Later on we had a very tasty dinner. Rima had made Goan Pork Sausage curry and some delicious chocolate walnut cookies. Awesome !!! Rima I still want the recipe, when do I get it?
For more details on the dinner see here.

Coming soon:
  • Another new free pattern
  • Sneak Previews of my second design.
  • Some tasty chicken recipes. (Shay I am so sorry I have not gotten around to posting them, as a bonus I'll post an additional one.)
  • A new Book Review 
  • Progress of my WIPs (see sidebar tool)
  • Some things I want to make.

  • Ideas on what I might make next.
  • Picture and Video tour of the Coral Reef Project Exhibition at World Financial Center in New York.
  • Last but not the least... more resources.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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