Sunday 12 July 2009

Baby Sweater Coat.

I made a sweater coat for my son a while back.

I kinda liked the outcome and wanted to make another one with the same recipe... Today was the day.
I was itching to make something that will be quick and give me instant gratification, since I have been working on this A-Line baby coat for a while and it almost seems never ending... why?... it's in garter stitch. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyhow... I think once its done... i.e. when its done... its going to look great. And that is another day. :)
The design is from Drops online and I really love the looks of the finished piece in the picture. The only difference between that and my version is that I am not making full sleeves. I am making this for my niece in India and since it does not get too cold there, I figured a short sleeve would be just fine.
Coming back to the second version of my sweater coat recipe. It is made of Vanna's Choice solids in yummy pea green and scarlet red colorways. I just need to add a button and it's done. All so quick.

So, I thought it is worth it to share the recipe on the blog.

I used a J hook with Vanna's choice solids. Construction is a top down raglan.
Idea was to have four segments when starting the garment. Two for the left and right arms, and the other two for the back and front. Depending on the guage, make a foundation of a no. of stitches that is a multiple of four, plus minus a couple of stitches to get a good distribution. I made a double foundation chain of 38 stitches. Just to make the distribution even. Since this is a cardigan, the front stitches need to be halved into left and right fronts. My second project on this has short sleeves, but they can be easily extended to become full sleeves.
dc= double crochet
shell = three dc in the same stitch OR 1dc, 1 chain, 1dc in the same stitch (used to make raglan increases.

* To begin, make a double foundation of 38, chain 2, turn.
* dc in the same stitch as the chain 2 and in each stitch across.
* repeat above
* Now to start the raglan increases I divided the 38 stitches like below:
- 4 dc (left front) + 1 increase stitch + 8 dc (left sleeve) + 1 increase stitch + 10 dc (back) + 1 increase stitch + 8 dc (right sleeve) + 1 increase stitch + 4 dc (right front)
* The next few rows I made 1 dc in each segment stitch(front/ back/ sleeves) and 1 shell in each increase stitch, until the depth of the raglan increases is as desired.
* Next I joined the sleeve beginning and end to close the sleeve openings.... so 1dc in the first dc of the beginning shell and in the last dc of the end shell either side of the sleeve stitches. From there on just 1 dc in each stitch across for the desired length of the coat.
For finishing I just single crocheted all round.
All Done !
Possibilities for variations are endless. I just made two of them :)
© DesiLoop


  1. Congratulations on the new pattern! I really like the colors of the Drops design. Look forward to see how that turns out..

  2. Ansh is growing so much. and really nice pattern! i should probably try to crochet a garment soon

  3. Love this, but I'm wondering, in the long sleeved sweater coat, you have gorgeous button/fasteners, how did you make these or were they just something you bought? Thanks for sharing your beautiful patterns!

    1. Thanks Shelley. Yes I covered regular buttons with crocheted circles drawn close at the end. You will find a post on how to make those on my blog tutorials page as well.