Saturday 25 July 2009

Where I join Generation - T

I stumbled upon this today. Yeah, I know... where have I been, not to hear of this phenomenon. Well now that I have seen her I decided I am going to join Generation - T as well. So I took hubby's old T-shirt
And did this to it.

I was so so so happy with the result that I had to pause and think... why didn't I come up with this idea. All of us have the same brain, how come we end up using it so differently. How come such obvious things escape us. Finally I am glad there are people like Megan Nicolay who are there to remind us.
Here is what I did.
I cut along the red lines in the picture below.

I also cut the bottom hem to use it as a tie cord.
Next I folded the top of front and back and hemmed them.
I cut the bottom hem turned tie cord at one of the side seams and put it through the front and back top hem. And there it is, the T-shirt transformed into my favorite summer top. Yay !!!

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  1. Your new "T" looks great on you. A very cute idea, thanks for passing it on.

  2. How great is that! A whole new top.

  3. What a nifty idea and great for summer wearing!