Thursday 26 February 2015

Cake in a Cup!

So I have been pinning a lot of recipes on my Pinterest food board and I decided to try out on today. It's how to make a cake in a cup found here:

What better to try than a chocolate cake, so off I went. And after 3 mins I had this...

I thought the coffe cup was too small to carry all the ingredients so I took out my ikea soup mug. Ingredients fit with no mess and the cake was ready in 3 mins.
As my kiddo says "yummy yummy in my tummy"!

Definitely delicious. Although, I would like to add, the ingredients you put in will govern the taste. I think I put in dark cocoa instead of regular, so there is a bit bitter taste. I also added a pinch of French vanilla coffee powder and 2 tsp of sugar extra. Love it. Next time I will try tweaking this a bit and post about that experiment.

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