Friday 27 March 2015

Coming Up...

While I can't do much of anything else - reading, writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, walking around etc except lying down between symptoms and watching / listening to podcasts, I have discovered Instagram!!! I know... where have I been. Honestly, I didn't have much use for it till now. But it is a life saver. Facebook and Twitter, still involve a bit of reading so I am steering clear. All I do is watch the pictures and videos posted by family and friends.
The other thing I have discovered is a setting on my computer that reads out text from the screen. That works well for blogs, although, it does tend to read out everything including menus and tabs. Hey, I'll take what I get at this point. So here is my plan for the blog till I am better able...

  • With the help of dictation setting on my computer, I will be posting Spotlights on designers (starting next month) with giveaway's
  • In addition, there will be Spotlights on books, products, Websites, videos, techniques, etc related to knitting, crochet, sewing, photography, cooking, and everything crafty....
  • Finished object pictures and information (when I have any)  
  • I am building up a Help page with links to helpful videos and tutorials, this should be available sometime during the year
  • I am getting help to put up some links on the right bar of the blog. You can find links to my work on other sites here, my earlier work and new stuff (there won't be much new for a long time though as I recover)
  • Find me on Instagram
Till next time, I leave you with my current favourite picture of a few balls of unraveled yarn.

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