Sunday, 27 January 2008

Designer for DH - III

Well, you guessed right... I am still at it. But not because I could not knit fast enough. I could not complete it because I didnt have any of the Nutmeg yarn left.
Next day after work I went to Seaport Yarn to see if they had any left and unfortunately they did not. Finally, I have ordered it online from Denmark. The shipping cost combined it is just $3 more expensive than what I got from Seaport.
For now, this is the progress.

Both me and DH love it. I just hope the yarn comes in time for me to finish it before... you know what's the next date in Feb ;)

A bunch of firsts with this project
  • First time - Fair-Isle
  • First time - Raglan
  • First time - top-down knitting
  • First time - contrasting facing
  • First time - Seamless Sweater
  • First time - Officially starting as a designer

An afterthought,

It was my first time breaking my needle. :(

That's right, I broke my first bamboo circulars (Size 2) which was supposed to be from a pair. So, the other one is orphaned :(

It will be while till I overcome the loss !

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Designer for DH

So where am I with my target??

This was where I was last night.

I am almost done with the fair isle part by now (My first shot at fair isle). I like the how the it is showing up. I found a chart with a simple image search for "fair isle chart".

And am I going to finish it by tomorrow? Hell ya !!! :) I just have to finish the body and the sleeves and the neck :)

Wishful thinking huh !