Saturday, 20 September 2008

Back in Action... well, hopefully !

And... I am hopefully back in action with this post. I can't believe its been two months since I last posted. As you can guess, a lot has been going on this end with the baby to be and then MOVE... yeah, you read that right, Move ! We decided to move base in my 7th month. What can I say, we love life :)

So I am blogging from my new base in California now.

Things have been busy. Our cousin got married in India and DH travelled there to attend it. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't of course because of various reasons. Well, that aside, I decided I wanted to send some stuff for our families with him. And how could I not send some hand made gifts... so I did.

Here is the Brea Bag I made for my sister in law followed by Baby Surprise Jacket for our almost a year old Nephew.

Here is the Baby Surprise Jacket for my niece.

What can I say, I had all intentions of adding the buttons and embroidering a yellow car on my Newphew's BSJ and a flower on my niece's, but there just wasn't time. Well I will remember to do that in some of my next projects.
Although, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed adding the I-Cord edging on both BSJ's. Loved the look when I was done. I am thinking of making more projects just to add the I-Cord edging :)

Maya (Previous post | Ravelry) was passed on to my sister. I am awaiting her modeled pics so as to post them on the blog.

Ribwarmer was for my Mother In Law. DH says she liked it a lot. As always, awaiting her modeled pics. DH was too busy to get me some.

Stacked Diamonds Convertible (Previous Blogpost | Ravelry) was given to my Mother. Although, I didn't quite add the buttons on it to make it convertible. :p Ma likes it anyways... you know mothers :)

I was working on another project, raglan sweater for my niece of my own design but unfortunately did not finish it on time. So I will wait to send it through someone travelling to India.

The raglan is all Knit, except for the placket, which is Single Crocheted. And yes, I still haven't added the buttons to this. :P

Apart from all of the above, I made something for myself too, but I will wait to post about that till the mover's bring in my stuff from New Jersey and I get to model it :)

More to come ! Till then, Take Care !