Wednesday 21 December 2011

Loops and Beads

So since I loved my initial batch of stitch markers so much, I decided to buy some more supplies and make some more which will last longer than the hemp ones. I had bought the acrylic beads for my initial hemp batch from Walmart, but I saw some Czech beads while shopping at Fabricland and thought those would make great stitch markers.

Of course metal would be ideal to make the loops but I am not going there just yet.

First I tried to make a few with some Leather cord already in my stash. These look great and very professional but I have my doubts on how long they will last.

Next I went and bought some jewelry cord from Walmart and am most happiest with these.

I might add these as side gifts with my bags (when I know the buyer is a knitter) or sell them separately at some point. For now, I am just plain happy and satisfied.

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Wednesday 7 December 2011

In Sewing Land - 2

Second Sewing Project - Reversible box bag with waterproof lining

In this one I tried to use a torn shopping bag from Zellers in order to make the bag water proof. Again the box bit was a bit fidly but I did manage to make the bag. The lines on one side are little wonky though. I am sure the next one will be perfect.
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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Necessity is the mother of unvention!

I was working on a swatch for a hat the other day and found myself looking for stitch markers to use in the project. Some may already know how it is with tiny stuff, how it will never show up when it is needed… so that's what happened to all my 4 sets of basic clover stitch markers.

It so happened that I was watching a knitting podcast at the same time and the host was showing off some of her birthday gifts. One of them was a set of metal stitch markers. This reminded me of the  3 sets of metal stitch markers that I had bought while shopping at the Creative Sewing Festival. To my dismay I realized that they will not fit my US 9 needle since I was not paying attention to the size of needles they would fit while buying them. The only one that fit the needle was the single free stitch marker that I had received with my other sets.

And then the bulb went on… This isn't that hard to make. Why don't I
make a few myself? I immediately dived into my crafty stash and picked up a ball of Natural Polished Brown Hemp and some acrylic beads. Here is the result.

By the end of it I found myself totally addicted to making these while the knitting lay beside me :)

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Wednesday 9 November 2011

In Sewing Land - 1

I have been very into sewing off late since I bought my sewing machine at the creative sewing festival. I got a great deal for the machine as well. At least I think I did ;)

But since I want to refresh my sewing skills, I have been recycling fabric. I have set aside an old curtain, a bed linen and a table cloth for my initial projects. Although I did have to buy waterproof material for my lining.

First project - Reversible box bag

This is not just a basic box bag, it is a completely reversible one. I used the same curtain fabric for both outside and inside and used an interfacing between them so that the box holds its shape. However, the box bit was too fidly. I have since come up with an easier way of doing the same bit.

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Monday 7 November 2011

To my secret admirer.

Dear secret admirer,
It is very flattering that in today's time, when everyone has so little time to focus on bettering their life, you have given so much of your precious time to find me on all social sites and then leave me such nice comments. Thanks so much. I am completely humbled. I wish you all the very best and happiness ahead.