Friday 4 April 2008

A Cool eBook !!!

I found this great online book (ebook) for knitting and crocheting while lunch hour surfing today at work.

Check out the Website it has more online books on various subjects like Cooking, Bartending, Yoga, Wine, Weight Training etc.

I took a quick look at "Maran Illustrated Knitting and Crocheting". It is a 305 page online book and covers everything from all kinds of tools and materials to fixing mistakes, finishing a project, etc.
Topics covered in the book:
  • Introductions to both arts (separately)
  • Types of Yarn and Yarn Label info
  • Caring for finished items
  • Tools
  • Basic stitches and a couple of cast on methods
  • Gauge
  • Bind off methods
  • Ribbing
  • How to read patterns and charts
  • Joining Yarn
  • Increases and Decreases
  • Decorative Touches
  • How to make a pom pom
  • Fixing your mistakes
  • Knitting in the round
  • Knitting with Color
  • Buttonholes
  • Weaving in Ends

There are also some patterns for beginner and intermediate knitters. Crochet section is a little shorter than Knitting however, everything to get you started has been covered.

Personally, although I am much on the advanced level, this is a great find. I love being able to read the book and flip pages virtually. It just gives me this happy feeling. (The geek in me is jumping for joy :D)

Read on !

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