Sunday 20 April 2008

Ravelry Meetup at Seamen's Church Institute

Ravelry is such a gift for us artists isn't it? I met Rima through Ravelry and I am so thankful I did. She is such a lovely person to be with. All excited about yarn and yarn crafts just like me and good fun to be with. Officially, my first friend here in USA :)

We had been communicating over Ravelry and had been planning to meetup after office sometime to chat. Luckily she told me about the NY Ravelry meetup at Seamen's Church Institute on April 10th. It was good to meet with other Raveler's and do some charity.

We all brought hand knit caps for the 40,000 caps project and spent a good couple of hours knitting together and chatting up about each other's projects. We also had some yarn swapping and Raffles.

In the middle of our meetup room was this gorgeous picture frame. Can you guess how it's made?

It's made up of Macramé. Oh such a beauty !!!

Speaking of beauties... here is another one. Mel made this beautiful sweater from Vogue Knitting. Awesome work Meli !!!

Here's another one...Amy

All in all, it was a nice evening spent.