Tuesday 15 April 2008

New Toy and Digicam Cozy Free Pattern !!!

I am so happy and excited. I received my new toy today after several months of waiting :)

And obviously I didn't buy a case for it yet. So in order to protect my baby, I came up with the idea of this Thrifty Digicam Cozy.

Pattern: Digicam Cozy (Here on Ravelry)
Source: Yours Faithfully :D

Materials: Cascade 220 (Light Teal)
LionBrand Homespun (Black)

Amount: Just some odd bits of leftovers from my earlier projects
Crochet Hook Size: US K / 6.5 mm (For Homespun)
US D / 3.25 mm (For Cascade 220)

Started: Apr 15, 2008 7.30pm
Finished: Apr 15, 2008 8.00pm
Notes: It seems like a good idea for a quick gift.

Here is what I did.
Single Chain (sc/ scs) (I directed a video to demonstrate the stitch which is available from you tube - left handed and right handed)
Half Double Crochet (hdc) (Video available here on you tube.)
Chain (ch)
Inches ( " )

I worked the cozy in two yarn weights Heavier (Color A - Homespun) and Lighter (Color B - Cascade)
  • With Color A and K hook ch 11, turn. (11th chain will count for turning.)
  • SC in the second chain from hook, * sc across to the end (total 10 scs). Ch 1 turn
  • Repeat from * till the piece is exactly double the width of the camera. (My camera is 3.5", so my rectangular piece measured 7"). Bind off A.
  • Join the Color B in the last sc of the previous row. Fold the rectangular piece in half and start sc through both layers from this corner down to the sides (Both layers of the piece will be joined on the sides using this edge.) then the bottom and then the corner of the other side. We now have a nice edge around 3 sides of piece. Use 1ch or 2scs to turn corners.
  • Now we will work on the open edges in the round. ch 1, 2 scs with B in each sc of A (Total 40 scs around.) Join in the first ch1 using slip stitch.
  • * ch 2, hdc in each sc around. Join with slip st to the first ch2. (total 40scs around.)
  • Repeat from * for 3 more rows.
  • ch2, 3hdc in the next 3scs, 1ch and skip next sc, *4hdc in the next 4 scs, 1ch and skip next sc. Repeat from * to the end. Join with slip stitch to the first chain 2. Bind off. The holes created in the last row will be used for the closure string.
To make the closure string
  • Take Color B, 4 times the actual length that will be required for the pouch edge leaving two ends of atleast 2-4" each.
  • Fold the length of B in half and secure one end. (I put the folded end in one of my toes) and twist it between your palms.
  • Once the half length is twisted hold both ends together (thus resulting in another half fold of the already half length) and free the other end. The yarn will self twist to form a nice cord.
  • Now thread this cord through the holes created in the last row of the cozy alternating drawing direction. (From outside to inside once and visa versa till the end.)
  • Join the loose ends together with a knot to form a loop.
I did not have enough odd bits else I would have done some embroidery over the cozy. In any case, it is a pretty good use of the leftovers.

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  1. That is a cute and practical. Cute new digicam too ;)